Ted Williams Signed 1940 Handwritten Signed Letter to Mistress w/ Great Content

Six-page letter is written on front and back of four sheets of hotel letterhead. Williams writes to his longtime mistress Evelyn Turner at Long Island's Seaside Sanatorium, at the time a refuge for those suffering from tuberculosis, telling her to "keep your chin right up & you can lick anything." But the real intrigue here is his lengthy text about the Red Sox. Excerpted: "Grove is at the end of the road but still has a good game now & then in him. Foxx who has arms as big as my legs can still belt em a mile...As for myself, I'm 21, 22 August 31. Born San Diego, Calif, 6.3 stocken (sic) feet, 175 strip. One stringbean, eh!" The letter has a few tape repairs, but all ink is 9/10, including the full "Ted Williams" signature. The letter is accompanied by the original mailing envelope which is also signed and letters from the Hall of Fame discussing this letter and the oddity that Williams' provided birthdate in the letter is different than the official record. Full LOA from PSA/DNA.
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