Bonus Card

As a way of saying thank you, you'll find a Bonus Card in every one of our products as well as anytime you make a purchase from our shop. And the best part is, EVERY CARD IS A WINNER! Prizes include store discounts up to 25%, swag, trading card supplies, mystery boxes and more! All you need to do is scratch and redeem, it's that easy!

your bonus item will show after you hit submit!

step one:

Scratch off your Bonus Card to reveal your code. Click the 'Redeem Your Code' button above and enter your Bonus Card code and information.

step two:

Hit submit and your Bonus Item description will appear. Please read the description as this is the only page that will show what your Bonus Item is!

step three:

If necessary, enter any additional information specific to your bonus item (i.e. shirt size, supply pack card size). And that's all you have to do, it's that easy!


Still have questions? Send us a message in the form below. 

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