lucky 7's!


collect 3 7's and enter to win an original 1960 topps mickey mantle fusion!

1. Find a Premium (numbered) Jersey Fusion of a player who wore/wears the #7!
2. Collect 3 7's and post a picture of the 3 cards with the date written next to it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @sportscardscom
3. Each unique post will be entered for one chance to win an original 1960 Topps Mantle Fusion! 
4. Multiple posts can qualify if they have 3 different 7's. No cards may be reposted if used previously.
5. Collect 7 different 7's and you will get 7 bonus entries!

These 7's qualify - Ronaldo, John Elway, Tayson Hill, Doug Flutie, Boomer Esiason, Ivan Rodriguez, Carmelo Anthony, Pete Maravich, Billy Ripken, and of course the Mick!

Limit one entry per unique post. Once a card has been used in a submission, it may not be used for future submissions. Each Jersey Fusion must be in your possession. Any reposting/copying/sharing of pictures/posts will not qualify. We may request additional images.

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