2022 super box

We've emptied our vault, cleared our shelves and ended our eBay listings to include it ALL in our 2022 Super Box!

Every Box has 9 TO 15 TOTAL ITEMS (CARDS, BOXES, PACKS, etc)

Check out some highlights below!

Graded cards (1 or 2 per box)

Factory Sealed Boxes - (1 or 2 Per Box)

premium packs (1 or 2 per box)

jim thome MASTER COLLECTION rarities (1 in every other Box)

Serial numbered cards (1 per box, every card is #'d to 49 or less!)

TOPPS project 2020 (1 in every other Box)

box toppers (1 per box)

1986-87 fleer psa 8 & 9 set breaks

Bonus items (1 or 2 per box)


This is a mystery box and each box will vary in contents and value - some better than others. You are guaranteed to receive the number of items listed above and all of the items shown in the preview are included in the series. 
Limited to 999 Boxes

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